• ´╗┐Encyclia Tampensis
  • Large Cube with Imploded Glass Spheres
  • Glass Flower Goblets
  • Glass Frog
  • Clown Fountain
  • Longfellow Fountain
  • Nymphea Indian Goddess

Reflection of Glass on Water

Nov 2008

Hans Godo Frabel, the world’s most famous flamework glass artist and avid gardener, is continuously inspired by nature and the world around him. Flowers especially have been the inspiration for many Frabel abstracts as well as realistic art pieces. All exhibitions, like the botanical garden in Vero Beach, are unique to their

surrounding environments. With the Reflections of Glass on Water exhibition, Frabel utilizes McKee’s unique vegetation and beautiful waterscapes to optimally display his amazing glass sculptures and large installations.

In the beginning of 2008, Hans Godo Frabel and the artists of the Frabel Studio started working on the exhibition that can be found in this book. Frabel was so impressed with McKee Botanical Garden that he decided to introduce some incredible new installations to his botanical garden exhibition inspired by, and especially for, McKee Botanical Garden. Since the Garden has a strong focus on Water Lilies and Lotus flowers, Frabel let himself be inspired by these amazing flowers to create a number of extraordinary Water Lily and Lotus sculptures.

The Water Lilies and Lotuses found in McKee Botanical Garden’s aquatic landscape were the stimulus for an exciting journey, going from nature into sculptural glass interpretations of these exquisite botanical forms. Once begun, Frabel’s fascination with these intriguing shapes and colors brought challenge, hard work, and finally gratification with the finished sculptures. The synergy of melding the flowing colored glass into interpretations of these natural forms wrought inspiration for new avenues and new ideas of work.

Frabel also created several large compositions, specifically for the water settings at McKee Botanical Garden, such as the “Aces and Deuces, Jokers Wild” sculpture that consists of 13 jokers, balancing on playing cards. This sculpture is a symbolic expression of life’s journeys through ups and downs, highs and lows. It shows the risks and challenges we face and the gambles we have to make in our lives. Further in this line, Frabel created 15 large clowns on large spheres, entitled “Balancing”. Frabel tries to tell his story to enjoy life like these clowns, as if it is one big carnival. These clowns, balancing on large colorful floating spheres, compliment the beauty of the ponds at McKee Botanical Garden and reflect delightfully into the water. Since the beginning of the Frabel Studio in 1968, flowers and plants have formed an important part of the Studio’s realistic art repertoire. Flowers like the Lily, Dogwood, Cherokee Rose and various Orchids were recreated in realistic fashion using borosilicate glass. Wielding his creative expression, Frabel has designed glass botanicals, interpreting the essence of plant life while displaying the magic and irresistible beauty of glass.

An example of imaginative Frabel art inspired by nature is the “Profile” series. The “Profile” series, first created in 1976, depict a glass outline of a head, which playfully transitions into a stunning mane of leaves. One of the first “Profile” sculptures of this series, a clear glass outline with clear leaves, was acquired by the Corning Museum of Glass in New York in 1976.

This exhibition is the largest flamework glass art exhibition ever held in a botanical garden anywhere in the world and is organized by McKee Botanical Garden in cooperation with Hans Godo Frabel.

McKee Botanical Garden
350 US Highway 1 Vero Beach, FL 32962

For more information, please visit http://mckeegarden.org/frabel